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Cousin: Towards becoming the first carbon neutral Reserve

Efforts to make Cousin Island the first carbon neutral Reserve in the world received a dose of publicity this past weekend through a CNN World Report submitted by the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Nature Seychelles wants to put in place a carbon offset program to protect the environment, maintain Cousin’s reputation as a world class reserve, […]

Cousin Island on CNN World Report

This weekend Cousin Island Special Reserve was featured on CNN World Report. The feature continues Today and on Tuesday at these times: MONDAY: 08:30A GMT /16:30P Hong Kong / 19:30P Sydney/ 05:30A Buenos Aires /04:30A EDT TUESDAY: 1) 03:00A GMT / 11:00AHong Kong / 14:00P Sydney / 12:00A Buenos Aires / 23:00P EDT (Monday) 2) […]

On the way to saving the Flycatcher

If you are a bird lover, you have probably heard the exciting news that Seychelles Paradise flycatchers have fledged successfully on Denis Island, Seychelles. If you haven’t and are wondering what this is all about, here’s the story. The Seychelles Paradise-Flycatcher – known as the Vev here – is a Critically Endangered (CE) bird only […]

Picture of the Day: Break out!

  Sent in by Jovani Simeon, the Senior Warden on Cousin Island, this photo shows baby Hawksbill turtles coming out during the nesting season on Cousin. Nesting begins end of August and ends beginning March. 99% of all turtles that nest on Cousin are Hawksbill. We also get green turtles, but very few each year. […]


[J-elle. One of the Cousin Island Wardens] Hello there. Bonjour. This is Nature Seychelles (Birdlife in Seychelles), an environmental and conservation NGO, involved in various activities aimed at saving and protecting Seychelles’ unique environment. We are lucky to get upfront and personal with nature here. Our headquarters is at the Centre for Environment and Education […]