Monthly Archives: July 2009

Third flycatcher born! (food size issues and a Bird song remix)

In our post on June 26, we shared the exciting news that efforts to establish a Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher population on Denis Island had borne fruit with the hatching of two chicks. No chick had fledged successfully outside La Digue Island, Seychelles for over 60 years. We also told you how this news had created […]

Mr. Hoareau and the bees

When Nature Seychelles first attempted to hung a beehive at the Heritage Garden, the only creatures that seemed to benefit were the lizards (Seychelles Skink) abundant on most Islands. A queen bee had been discovered in the Garden with many bees around her. So Mr. Hoareau, a bee expert with 40 years experience was called […]

Posted on our website today: Turtle Poachers arrested in Seychelles

Two men have been arrested for possession of turtle meat and spearguns. The taking, selling or buying of turtles is illegal under the  Wild Animals and Birds Protection Act. Offences under this law carry a maximum fine of SR500,000.00 (about 36,000.00 USD) or a maximum term of two years imprisonment. Spearguns have been banned in […]

Special people looking after special birds

A really nice lady, her husband and her daughter came to our office bearing gifts: two Tropic bird chicks they wanted to leave with us. Hafriza,, the nice lady, her husband Lionel and daughter Shania rescued the chicks, about 2 and 3 weeks old from an Albizia tree they were nesting on, which was old […]

Thanks Pernille and Thank you Wildlife Direct

So today I got quite a nice surprise. Pernille, she of the I’ve left Copenhagen for Uganda and Louder than Swahili fame gave me what is to me a big endorsement  matched only by you our blog friends, who come over to read our posts, leave comments and share with others what we have written. […]

Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat monitoring at Baie Lazare

On July 15, 2009 I accompanied Terence for a monitoring exercise for the Seychelles Sheath-tailed bat Coleura seychellensis carried out by Nature Seychelles at Baie Lazare, Mahe. Baie Lazare has one of three roosts on Mahe occupied by the endemic and very rare Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat. So rare is the bat and so limited its […]

Sweet smelling Gardenia and foul-smelling Noni

If you have ever heard about the benefits of Noni juice, and you would like to try it for yourself, go ahead and drink some. Just don’t smell the fruit. That’s what I did. Lucina had brought in some fruits to make juice, and out of curiosity I picked one and took a whiff. Well […]

The south east monsoon cometh, and so do the seabirds

Paradise, am afraid, is slightly wet. The south east monsoon season is here and it’s been accompanied by some rain. I have been surprised to wake up to a cloudy morning and cooler temperatures. I even spotted one or two souls walking around in sweaters! The hills on Mahe look stunning in the early morning […]

Heritage Garden: Sharing nature and its healing power

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of showing visitors from the Regional Home for the Elderly at North East Point, Mahe, around the Heritage Garden next to our centre at Roche Caiman. The home is a residential facility that provides care for the elderly. Caregivers at the home engage the residents in a number of therapeutic […]

Sightings: Herald and Jouanins Petrels on Cousin!

On 10 June 2009 David Andrews – a student from the University of East Anglia/UK helping Nature Seychelles on a program on the impact of Pisonia grandis on seabirds – made a startling discovery of  a Herald Petrel Pterodroma arminjoniana on Cousin Island. In the west Indian Ocean, this bird is known to breed on […]