Monthly Archives: August 2009

Frigatebird interrupted

A Frigatebird rescued from the harbour was brought into our office today. It seemed unable to fly. Frigatebirds, abundant throughout Seychelles and breeding on Aldabra and nearby islands, are long-distance fliers that spend most of their life flying over the ocean with a gliding flight. However, they do not land on sea. Unlike other seabirds, […]

Picture of the Day: rescued chicks doing well

Oh how fast they grow! We just received this picture of the two Tropicbird chicks we reported on in our post here. They are growing up fast and look all settled in their new home. The chicks, rescued by a family on Mahe were brought to Nature Seychelles and thereafter released on Cousine Island.

On the trail of the Jellyfish Tree

I am always amazed at the diversity of Seychelles’ wildlife, and more so after I have been out and seen something new. The Seychelles consists of about 115 Islands of different origin accounting for the diversity that it has. Some are weathered fragments of an ancient continent, others are remains of ancient reefs while some […]

Heritage Garden: a passion fruit mishap inspires

Lucina is busy preparing the Heritage Garden for the official opening in October. She has everything going the way she wants. She is  a hardworking woman this one, and when I am taking a break, I like going out to talk to her about the crops, spices and herbs, and to just marvel at the […]

Read Zwazo, Nature Seychelles’ conservation magazine

Zwazo issue No. 19 is out. Zwazo is produced bi-annually by Nature Seychelles and distributed in hard copy. Issue No. 19 focuses on people, birds and small islands. In its editorial titled “the Birds and the Buzz”, we tell you why there’s been so much “buzz” about the birds of Seychelles. We tell you how […]

Our plant dines on insects, scientists find one that eats rats!

My first thought when I came across my first picture of the Seychelles pitcher plant, Lalyann Potao in Creole,  was, “what is that funny looking plant?”. I quickly reached for my Wildlife of Seychelles to get some ID. Monkey cups? Totally hooked on the name, I decided to do some digging (not of the plant!). […]

Special Seychelles Amphibians

Here is a presentation on Seychelles’ amphibians. The Seychelles has twelve species, out of which eleven are endemic. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] PHOTO CREDITS: Sooglossid frogs ©  Naomi Doak, Seychelles Tree frogs by John Dale, Caecilians on Cousin Island – Unknown photographer