Monthly Archives: October 2009

Bird rescue on Mahe

This week we had the privilege of the brief company of two seabirds at our office – a wedge-tailed Shearwater, Fouke in Creole, and Wilson’s storm petrel. Both Birds had been found and rescued by members of the public. The storm petrel before its release The Wilson’s storm petrel was found by a fishing boat […]

Club members inspire at Garden Opening

 We had a wonderful opening of the Heritage Garden at Roche Caiman on World Food Day (see related posts preceding this one). During the opening, Wildlife Clubs members Elissa Lalande and Isis Rath gave an inspiring speech. I have copied it below in verbatim for your reading pleasure. Honourable Minister for Environment, Natural Resources and […]

Schools demonstrate that growing and consuming locally is possible

Today is Blog Action Day. Bloggers around the world are writing about the single subject of climate change in order to draw attention to it. This post was inspired by members of twenty two School-based Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles who, through replicating the Heritage Garden model, are showing that growing and consuming locally is possible.To […]

Heritage Garden at Roche Caiman: Preparations underway for official opening

  Things are shaping up here at Roche Caiman as we prepare for the official opening of the Heritage Garden. Lucina is pruning and watering. Displays are up at the Kiosk. Invitation cards have been sent. The opening of the Garden will coincide with the World Food Day, celebrated annually on 16 October. This year’s […]