Monthly Archives: December 2009

Season’s greetings


The calm seas over the last few weeks provided the perfect opportunity for coral reef monitoring to get underway on Cousin, Mary one of our volunteers reports. Three sites have been surveyed, representing the different habitats around the island. A team of 4 divers have been collecting data on the benthic, fish and invertebrate communities […]

Global warning – BirdLife’s 5 asks for Copenhagen

BirdLife is the world’s largest network of conservation organisations, and Nature Seychelles is the BirdLife Partner in Seychelles. BirdLife Partners from 19 countries are currently in Copenhagen working to ensure that a new deal is agreed that will tackle the global threats posed by climate change to people and nature. “The BirdLife Partnership are asking […]

Bat monitoring update

If looking at this picture you think that Terence is moonlighting at another job, possibly at a lab, then you are forgiven. In fact this is our office and Terence is looking at slides of insects retrieved from recently laid insect traps around the roosts occupied by the endangered Seychelles sheath-tailed bat. The traps were […]