Allister to the rescue!

We regularly receive calls to go and look at injured or helpless birds as well as enquiries about how to help birds that have been rescued. Sometimes members of the public have also brought in injured or helpless birds to our offices in Roche Caiman. Today, a young boy named Allister and his mom came in with a fairy (white) tern chick. It looked to be days old. Allister had found the chick about in the nearby walking trail at the Sports Complex that borders our office. Attempts to reunite it with its parent were futile as the parent seemed to have left. David our science coordinator, together with Allister and his mom tried to locate its parents or adults among the Casuarinas on the trail. But no adults were visible. It’s been decided that Allister will take the chick back home where he will help take care of it for a few days before it’s taken to Cousin on Thursday where we should be able to find adults to take it in.

Here are pictures of Allister and the chick.


fairy tern chick

He tells us how he rescued the bird in the video.

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Nature Seychelles educates the public about what to do about injured or helpless birds through various media. We advise that the most important thing to do is to determine whether a bird has an injury, how bad it is and whether it is better to leave it where it is – especially in the case of chicks whose parents are sometimes nearby or to offer it some help. We also encourage those who don’t know what to do to call bird experts they know.

Bravo Allister!

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