Monthly Archives: July 2010

Climate change and sea level – More beaches or fewer islands?

Don’t hold your breath; climate change is here to stay, says Nirmal Shah, in this article in today’s Seychelles Nation. Sea-level rise will submerge most of our low-lying areas, including entire coral islands – this is the conventional wisdom. But a new study by 13 scientists at the University of Colorado and the National Centre […]

Nature Watch: A whole series of stories on Seychelles wildlife..

Here is a heads up about some interesting radio programmes we have uploaded on the education pages on our website and which you and those younger ones in your life might find interesting. The radio programmes were broadcast on Radio Seychelles between 1986-1987 (!) and featured Nirmal Shah, Nature Seychelles CEO, explaining the wonders of […]

Ian’s Cousin Diary

June has been an extremely dry month on Cousin with a total recorded rainfall of 40mm. The wind direction varied from South East to the East South East throughout the month. The wind speed also varied in the range of 35-40km/h and on the night of 16 of June could have even reached at least […]