Monthly Archives: August 2010

Picture of the day: skinks gang up on gecko

Old is gold! This photo was taken on Cousin Island in 2004. Its shows two Seychelles skinks ganging up on a green gecko. Photo by Dr. David Richardson

Zwazo: celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity

The latest issue of Zwazo – Nature Seychelles bi-annual conservation magazine – commemorates 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB). Zwazo’s feature articles  are written by people who are proposing solutions based on field research and who are experimenting with solutions on site. In a thought provoking article, “Can people be trusted with Biodiversity,” […]

Why are female warblers unfaithful?

Why does female infidelity occur so frequently throughout the animal kingdom? A 10-year study from the University of East Anglia seems to have an answer. It shows that Seychelles warblers (Timerl Dezil) may increase their offspring’s survival through their infidelity. Although in many animals females may pair up with a specific ‘Social’ mate who helps […]