Monthly Archives: April 2011

Conservation hurts!

Lately, ¬†visitors to Cousin Island Special Reserve have remarked about the increase in mosquitoes. ¬†Island management has noticed a swell in numbers during certain, usually short, periods in the past few years. Mosquito densities vary between seasons, and in drier seasons they are few and go virtually unnoticed. Recent heavy rainfall have contributed to the […]

Zone Australe discovers Cousin

The Reunion TV programme Zone Australe produced by Serge Marizy last year journeyed through Seychelles discovering its magical islands that included the Cousin Island Special Reserve. The programme was aired in Reunion earlier this year and can be seen here in its entirety. Its about 32 minutes and is in French (Reunion Island is a […]

Photographing the elusive Syer

One of the things I like about working in conservation is taking pictures of wildlife. As challenging as it can be, it is an absolute delight to see the results when a good picture is taken. In Seychelles and on Cousin Island Special Reserve especially there are great opportunities for taking bird pictures. The birds […]