Monthly Archives: April 2013

Special Turtle lays eggs – with a little help from her friends

An exhausting but successful Hawksbill turtle nesting season on Cousin Island Special Reserve was topped by the appearance of an extraordinary turtle nicknamed “Stumpy” by island residents. The Hawksbill turtle arrived on the island devoid of her right rear flipper and part of her carapace. But in spite of her missing flipper she made several […]

The Seychelles Terrapin never existed

By Nirmal Shah The torti soupap or terrapin (also known as mud turtle) is well known in Seychelles. Actually, biologists said that there were 3 species in Seychelles. One became extinct – the Seychelles terrapin Pelusios seychellensis is  known from only 3 specimens collected in the 19th century and  kept at the Natural History Museum […]