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Thanks Pernille and Thank you Wildlife Direct

So today I got quite a nice surprise. Pernille, she of the I’ve left Copenhagen for Uganda and Louder than Swahili fame gave me what is to me a big endorsement  matched only by you our blog friends, who come over to read our posts, leave comments and share with others what we have written.

Pernille is a very accomplished blogger currently residing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She works for a Danish development organization and her work for them in Northern Uganda and now Tanzania, and her life in both places, has provided quite some interesting fodder for her almost daily postings on her blog. What I have always loved about her blogs is her bold style, both in design and writing. In 2006 she was chosen as Ugandan Blog of the Year.

It was in fact through blogging that I first came to know Pernille and we became good friends, and even ended up at the Barcamp Nairobi 08 together, for which she wrote an excellent post on ICT usage in Kenya.

So when I saw her latest post about yours truly, well, I just had to tell you about it. Therefore today, I am digressing from telling you about Paradise to say: thanks Pernille! and thanks Wildlife Direct for this space (you guys rock) and to all of you who come over to read the interesting blogs and post comments and donate and support the work being done by everyone here.

Forgot anyone? Oh yeah, Nature Seychelles, my mother, my family, friends…. 😉