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Global warning – BirdLife’s 5 asks for Copenhagen

BirdLife is the world’s largest network of conservation organisations, and Nature Seychelles is the BirdLife Partner in Seychelles. BirdLife Partners from 19 countries are currently in Copenhagen working to ensure that a new deal is agreed that will tackle the global threats posed by climate change to people and nature.

“The BirdLife Partnership are asking the world’s leaders to agree concrete targets in Copenhagen over the next two weeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”, said Melanie Heath – Senior Advisor on Climate Change at BirdLife.

Today marks the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen where Governments are meeting to agree action to tackle climate change. It is critical that a new global climate change deal is agreed before it’s too late.

In the last century the Earth’s surface temperature has risen by an average of 0.74°C. Temperature rises beyond 2°C are predicted to lead to catastrophic effects on nature, people and the global economy. “Climate change is happening”, added Melanie Heath. “In some places the average temperature has already risen well above the 2°C threshold. There is a window between now and 2015 within which it may be possible to significantly slow down or lower the expected increases in global temperatures”.

Climate change impacts including drought, crop failure, flooding, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events are already being felt across the world, with the poorest people and most vulnerable ecosystems hit hardest. Plant and animal ranges are already shifting poleward and upward, and studies suggest many species will not be able to keep up with their changing climate space.

“BirdLife believes it is essential that the Copenhagen outcomes recognise the vital importance of safeguarding biodiversity, ecosystems and the essential services they provide in climate change adaptation and mitigation”, said Melanie Heath.

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