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All in a day’s work

Watch this video of the Reef Rescuers ( Nature Seychelles’ Coral Restoration project on Praslin Island) as they perfom their daily underwater tasks. It’s all in a days work!

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Local hero

Jakawan with one of the Island's Giant Tortoises

Jakawan with one of the Island's Giant Tortoises

When 72 graduates completed their studies at the Maritime Training College and were honoured on 11th March 2010, one of them stood head and shoulders above the rest – 23 year-old Cousin Island Special Reserve warden Jakawan Hoareau. Not only did he excel at his studies in Fisheries Science, for which he was awarded an advanced certificate, he also received the outstanding performer award and took home a host of other rewards – the President’s Cup, a laptop computer sponsored by President James Michel, a return ticket to Singapore sponsored by Air Seychelles, a shield and cash prizes. The graduation ceremony was held at the International Conference Centre, in Victoria, Mahe, in the presence of Seychelles Minister for Education Bernard Shamlaye and other guests.

Jakawan has been working as  a Cousin Island warden since 2007, when he was recruited after spotting an advertisement for wardens in one of the local papers. Although he was unsuccessful the first time he applied, he re-applied again 3 months later and was accepted. During his time on Cousin, he acquired numerous new skills and knowledge, but most importantly he developed an appreciation for experiencing, protecting and conserving the unique eco-system of the island. However, by August of 2007 he realised that he needed a solid academic foundation for this type of job. He joined the Maritime Training College, and made his mark this year with his achievements. During his time there, he visited Cousin Island frequently on day trips and was an ambassador for the island and the biodiversity it protects.

For this determined young man, the road has not always been smooth and clear cut. “When I left fulltime employment to become a student, I gave up a regular income for student allowances. I struggled to survive.  There was a point when I was very frustrated and discouraged, but encouragement from family and friends and people around me, including my lecturers and colleagues kept me going.” He says.

From an early age he was fascinated by animals and birds, enjoyed the sea and travelling by boat, and was patriotic about Seychelles wildlife and marine life. At Anse Royale Secondary, he was involved in the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles. After completing his secondary schooling, he didn’t know what he really wanted to do.  An opportunity to become a teacher came up in 2006, and he joined the National Institute of Education that same year. But he still experienced a call from the wild. He eventually made his way to Cousin, where he is now back as a warden.

“For the time being, I would like to put into practice everything I’ve learned and continue to sharpen my skills and knowledge for the conservation of this unique place. I would like to go further on the academic front; be it a degree in marine biology or ecology…the sky is the limit. For now, am gaining valuable practical experience here on Cousin Island!” Jakawan says.