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Zwazo No. 23 is here! This issue is on Sustainable Living

Zwazo (Creole for bird) is published twice a year

Zwazo (Creole for bird) is published twice a year

The latest Zwazo, our long running, full colour conservation magazine published twice yearly  is on ‘Sustainable Living’.

Several authors in and outside Seychelles explore aspects of sustainable living for this issue including green architecture, alternative energy, bio-fuels, sustainable tourism, organic farming and sustainable livelihoods. Examples have been drawn from small island developing states and the western Indian ocean region. As always the issue also carries news of what we have been up to.

Download it via this link on the Nature Seychelles website or read it online at on Issuu.

Cousin: Towards becoming the first carbon neutral Reserve

Efforts to make Cousin Island the first carbon neutral Reserve in the world received a dose of publicity this past weekend through a CNN World Report submitted by the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

Nature Seychelles wants to put in place a carbon offset program to protect the environment, maintain Cousin’s reputation as a world class reserve, and reassure visitors that their travel to the Reserve would be carbon neutral.

“Fly less” is one of the most recognized green mantras. Air travel is continually being slammed for producing climate-destroying greenhouses gases.  In some places, tourists are being advised to avoid such travel altogether. This could harm destinations such as Seychelles, which are economically dependent on tourism.

Privately managed conservation sites,  such as Cousin Island Special Reserve, could also be hard hit as they depend on  ecotourism revenues for conservation. Cousin Island attracts about 11,000 international eco-tourists annually.

We will of course keep you updated on this project. We would also love to hear from you about any carbon reduction undertakings you have had.

Meanwhile, you can watch the report at the CNN website here